Dynamic Productions
Talent Agency

The Tandem Brothers
Duo, Trio or Band. Their mission is to bring a broad spectrum of new and old music to the unsuspecting public.

Brylcreem Brothers
40's,50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's

Alfred St.John
Calypso, Reggae, Caribbean. Available Solo, Duo, Trio or a full band.

Rick and Gwen Shorter
Guitar and Vocals

Dady Brothers
Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Irish

Paulsen, Baker & Garvey
The band's tight three-part harmonies include music from the Kingston Trio, James Taylor, the country sounds of Waylon & Willie, and great rock & roll from the Beatles to the Eagles.

The Harvey Band
Band leader Harvey Possemato has studied jazz guitar with Sal Salvador and Gene Bertoncini and has studied composition with Donald Bohlen at The State University of New York. Harvey is also a member of The East Rochester All Star Band and the Alysia Groth Band